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Dynamics of mutual destruction

December 27th, 2008

The Mumbai attack must be conclusively investigated so that it does not go into history surrounded by mystery. Since India has hurled unsubstantiated allegations against Pakistan, Mumbai must be jointly investigated.

Pakistan and India can trigger the dynamics of mutual destruction and perish simultaneously. India will perish too if Pakistan is harmed in any manner through machinations. The Indians must not forget what happened to the USSR and Yugoslavia.

India’s population of 1.13 billion people has more than 2000 ethnic groups and consists of all major religions. Two thirty-one out of 608 Indian districts are hit by terrorist activity or insurgency. The 13.4 percent Muslims living there make India home to the third-largest Muslim population in the world. These and other diverse elements of nationhood which should become India’s strength will become its vulnerability if it ever initiates or abets any harm to Pakistan’s integrity.

While India can boast of a huge military establishment, nuclear military capability, and satellites in orbit it also has the world’s largest number of people under the poverty line. In 2007, 236 million people–i.e., 76 million more than Pakistan’s population and nearly 25 percent of India’s population–lived on less than half-a-US-dollar a day.

The two countries can move forward only when neither needs to spend heavily on military preparedness. The other path–i.e., leaving the Kashmir issue unresolved and confrontation with Pakistan–will be disastrous for India too.
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