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For a new Pakistan

January 24th, 2009

The Westminster model of parliamentary democracy has been a dismal failure in Pakistan because of the frequent martial laws and the blatant manipulation of the Constitution. For Pakistan to become a viable state it will have to restructure its political system. Devolution of effective political power and greater autonomy to the federating units will have to be the two fundamental ingredients of any future political structure. Over the years, the unchallenged Centre has become increasingly weak and incoherent.

Pakistani society is going to press for more political liberties. Pakistan needs to foresee the political dictates of coming times. Initiating dynamic changes is always better than becoming victims of the effects of changes that are circumstantial.

The recent upsurge of civil society and of the upcoming middle class is extremely noticeable. This growing segment of Pakistan’s population is more educated and dislikes excessive state control. For lasting harmony the common man will have to be taken on board and made an effective stakeholder in the destiny of Pakistan.
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