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The great NSC debate

March 3rd, 2009

It is incomprehensible that any modern state can be at peace within itself and with the world at large without an organized structure that is dedicated to ensuring the security of that state. Unfortunately, Pakistan seems to be an exception. This is not surprising for a country where even the Constitution works on a suspended and/or provisional basis with amendments made by individuals in their drawing rooms duly authorized by the Supreme Court. Piecemeal solutions as opposed to far reaching decisions in the sphere of national security can only spell disaster.

Pakistan now needs a national security council to do all this professionally. This council must be meant for the purpose of national security alone and must operate under the chief executive of the country in an advisory capacity with its eyes on the multiple aspects directly related to the dynamics of national security. The national security council being proposed must not be for the purpose of confronting/counter-balancing any other organ of the state.

Gen Musharraf formed a farcical NSC through the National Security Council Act of April 2004. With the president at its head it comprised of the prime minister, chairman Senate, speaker National Assembly, leader of the opposition, the four chief ministers, the chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the army, navy and air force chiefs. Musharraf chose Tariq Aziz, a life long income tax officer and his political broker, as a full time secretary of the NSC. This non professional appointment spoke volumes about how non-serious Gen Musharraf was about Pakistan’s national security.
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