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Dire straits

April 7th, 2009

Having started a few years ago the ring of the alarm bells for Pakistan has been getting louder by the day but it does not seem to have reached a pitch that is loud enough to penetrate the well-padded eardrums of the Pakistani nation. The country stands devastated and is being ruthlessly ravaged. Yet, complacency has remained the order of the day through all these years. The Pakistani nation lives on in a state of denial regarding the fatal dangers the country faces.

The rocky mountains of Balochistan, the beautiful mountains and valleys of NWFP, Azad Kashmir and the Northern Areas, the serene land of Sindh and of course the lovely plains of Punjab; all look back at the Pakistani nation pleadingly so that this great nation can somehow begin to feel the pain that is felt on every square inch of the motherland that we Pakistanis love so dearly but are so indifferent towards.

What is Pakistan waiting for? Bravado statements and illogical political rhetoric will not help. The evitable harm to Pakistan will soon become inevitable if the indifference to the motherland’s plight continues unabated. With dangers looking straight into Pakistan’s eyes and the motherland’s lap soaked in the blood of its own sons and daughters the time to act is running out very fast.
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