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National unity foremost

May 27th, 2009

No country can be at ease with itself when hundreds of thousands of its citizens are displaced from their homes and are placed in refugee camps. Estimates put the figure at around 1.5 million. Housed in ill-managed refugee camps these Pakistanis, all of whom happen to be Pakhtuns, face a bleak future for months, and possibly years.

But it is not the question of the future of Pakhtuns, but of the very survival of Pakistan. It is time for Pakistanis to ask as to what brought our great nation to the edge of the precipice. We should ask the question where the state apparatus was when this situation was developing over the disastrous Musharraf years.

Pakistan today is under a multi-directional threat to its sovereignty and its integrity. Blaming circumstances, whether it is internal disorders or external factors, for what is happening to Pakistan is not going to do any good to the cause of Pakistan’s survival as a dignified and honourable nation. Whether our adversities are internal discord or external in nature, it is we ourselves who are to blame. These things do not happen suddenly but take years to develop. Through the years, while it was happening to us, symptom after symptom, Musharraf and his cronies worked from day to day without a care for Pakistan’s future. After his lawless military coup of Oct 12, 1999, Musharraf had inherited a Pakistan that was a demonstrated nuclear military power and possessed the cohesion of a wonderfully well-knit federation at peace with itself. Musharraf left power in a shameful manner and left us as a humiliated nation that was weakened in all spheres of national life.
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