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Open letter to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto explaining resignation from the PPP

December 10th, 2007

I disagreed with the PPP, the Party for which I had made great sacrifices, when in 2007 it went against its own political philosophy and legacy by making political arrangements with General Musharraf. Thus, in Dec 2007, I had, with a heavy heart, written an open letter to my very respected leader Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to wean away from the arrangements being then made with Gen Musharraf. I had always in my meetings with my leader advocated the political path of going with the civil society’s movement for the restoration of the judiciary which would also have given the PPP a huge boost in the then forthcoming elections. This letter was my last attempt, with all the humility and humbleness at my command, to try and convince my very respected leader to break away from the political arrangements that were then being put in place with a beleaguered dictator. Unfortunately, I failed in my last attempt. I have placed that letter here so that the readers can read it in the light of the events that have taken place since Dec 2007 and now. My services for the PPP were recognised by my leader Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto on 30 May,2007, when she put the following remarks on a book she presented me in Dubai on that date.

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto's remarks

10 DECEMBER 2007



Dear Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto,
Assalam alaikum.

After resigning from the basic membership of the Pakistan Peoples Party on 27 Nov, 2007, I am writing this letter to you elaborating my views, as a common Pakistani, on some burning issues confronting Pakistan today and how these issues, in my opinion, need your attention as a national political leader. Keeping my past association with the PPP, and with you, I assumed that I do have the privilege to write this letter, irrespective of how variant my views maybe with the current stance/political posture of the PPP.

This letter will also be sent to all those who received my email addressed to you when I tendered my resignation on 27 Nov, 2007. Thus, this letter is an open letter which I am constrained to write because of the numerous emails and phone calls that I received in response to my resignation from the basic membership of the PPP. All those Emails and phone calls urged me to state the reasons that forced me to resign from the PPP. Every one of them said that as Pakistanis they had a right to know, especially so, in the given political crisis prevalent in the country. Respecting their viewpoint I had to make this letter an open letter.

I hope this letter will, indeed, amplify, and make it obvious, to everyone the precise reasons due to which I resigned from the basic membership of the PPP. Many people were very surprised on why I, who had served the PPP so selflessly, so honestly, so sturdily and so professionally, in the toughest of times, as well as when I served you as your Intelligence Chief (DG IB) when you were the Prime Minister, had resigned. They too asked me vehemently to spell out the reasons.

After this letter I will put aside the aspect of my resignation from the PPP and move on to serve Pakistan in my own humble manner.

I, like millions of Pakistanis, believe in the BHUTTO LEGACY which stands for “PEOPLE i.e. THE AWAM BEING THE FOUNTAIN OF UNDILUTED POLITICAL POWER” – This legacy was left behind by none other than your own illustrious and incomparable father, SHAHEED ZULFIKAR ALI BHUTTO.

On 04 April, 1979, the darkest and most horrible day in Pakistan’s political history, your great father SHAHEED ZULFIKAR ALI BHUTTO did not walk to the gallows alone and leave behind, for us all, THE BHUTTO LEGACY. With him, on that day, marched every single Pakistani in an invisible manner. Even those that may have been his detractors walked with him on that black day. I was a career army officer at that time. I too marched with him. On that day Pakistan was gripped by a devastating and extremely explosive silence. There was not a heart that did not skip a beat. There was not an eye that was not wet. Many Pakistanis, rich and poor, did not eat for days. » More: Open letter to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto explaining resignation from the PPP