Self-propelled revival effort

Rather than each passing day bringing some relief to a starved nation all essential aspects of Pakistani national life remain in a retrogressive motion with no end to the sufferings of the teeming millions in sight. It is time that Pakistan truly started believing in itself and began to revive itself as a dignified nation

Eid Mubarak

Wishing all my fellow Pakistanis and other muslim brothers and sisters a very very happy Eid. I pray that you all have a lovely day and that this day brings in its wake lots of happiness and prosperity to you all. While you all enjoy your Eid do not forget the millions of fellow Pakistanis

Exclusive Interview of Masood Sharif Khan Khattak On GEO TV’s Program JIRGA – 10th Sept 2009

NOTE: The following media is in the Urdu language and NOT in English. The month of August 2009 witnessed a dubious character from the past who had worked in the intelligence apparatus of Pakistan making, on every TV Channel of Pakistan, so-called and unwarranted revelations galore about important political and other events of the eighties

A civil-military equation

Musharraf’s nine years of misrule have left Pakistan comparable to a ship which finds itself in stormy waters with its engines seized, the rudder broken and the compass out of order. The magnificent two-year-long relentless struggle by the lawyers and the civil society against a well entrenched dictator eventually, became the basis for Musharraf’s departure

Dawn News TV Investigative Report “Return of the Jackals” – 4th Sept 2009

Dawn News TV Investigative Report “Return of the Jackals” – a report on the Masood Sharif Khan Khattak’s Midnight Jackals operation that lead to the successful defeat of a coup attempt on an elected Pakistan parliament. Part One [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] Part Two [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] Part Three [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] This approach can be used to sort out or

Civil society in politics

Even after 62 years of independence, Pakistan is still groping in the dark. One’s heart bleeds for Pakistan when one looks at over six decades of exploitation by the ruling class. The economy is as bad as it can get. The finance wizards of the government can come up with whatever figures that they like