Pakistan First’s Webcast of HawkEye – Episode 3 – Resignation from the PPP

NOTE: The following media is in the Urdu language and NOT in English. Exclusive Discussion Intelligence agencies’ role in Pakistan’s Politics, Masood Joining Pakistan Peoples Party and his Resignation from CEC and basic membership of PPP few weeks before BB’s death. [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] Fm phone spy app has been regarded as a public gateway to private

A consolidated national policy

The ideal situation is when a state has a comprehensive and consolidated national policy. Any state that functions without this will always gradually slip into a steady decline and with that into the process of degeneration in every sphere of its national life. With a heavy heart, one has to admit that this is what

Hillary and Pakistan

Hillary Rodham Clinton went back a very wise person after having interacted with the real Pakistan that the USA had so far ignored. That real Pakistan powered by a vibrant civil society backed by a fearless media has now come into USA’s reckoning for the first time ever. One has to hand it out to

Interview with Voice To America’s Anthony Louis Oct 25th 2009

Interview with Voice To America’s Anthony Louis on recent events in Pakistan. [ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”] Finally, students will gain competencies guide here in managing operations in foreign markets, e.

The Other Line with Anjum Rahman – Express News

Masood Sharif Khan Khattak discusses Faisal Shahzad and his attempt to attack on Times Square. Also on the show Tanveer Ahmed Khan and Imtiaz Gul. [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344]

Time for a decision

This is crunch time for Pakistan. A complete stock of the situation needs to be taken and some courageous, prudent and entirely indigenous decisions with Pakistan’s own national interests overriding everything else have to come out of that exhaustive stock taking. The main objective of the forthcoming decisions must be to make Pakistan be counted

Pakistan Army: The Last Bastion

Over the past fortnight another wave of terrorism shook the country. Two huge blasts in Peshawar shook the provincial capital and the country as a whole. The federal capital witnessed a UN office being penetrated by a suicide bomber that made mockery of the bunker-mentality security doctrine. As if this was not enough to rattle

Masood Sharif Khan Khattak on Aaj News Islamabad Tonight – 7th Oct 2009

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President AML, Mirza Aslam Baig, Nawab Yousaf Talpur PPP and Masood Sharif Khan Khattak in an episode of Islamabad Tonight & discuss current issues with Nadeem Malik. Discussion topics include Kerry Lugar bill, Asif Zardari’s comments on success for democracy based on bill, American influence on Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Parliament response