The Approaching Revolution

It is sickening to hear the hypocritical politicians talking of awami (public) welfare. The people of Pakistan are now not as naive and forgiving as they were some years ago when they would not matter in the power equation beyond casting their votes after a zindabad-murdabad electoral campaign. In the past the people were irrelevant,

A Consolidated National Policy

The ideal situation is when a state has a comprehensive and consolidated national policy. Any state that functions without this will always gradually slip into a steady decline and with that into the process of degeneration in every sphere of its national life. With a heavy heart, one has to admit that this is what

Pakistanis Must Reclaim Their Country

Pakistanis have to retrieve Pakistan from the tail spin that it is experiencing. Practical steps are warranted and every Pakistani has to now stand and make Pakistan that progressive, modern, uniformly developed and peaceful country that it was designed to be. Pakistanis must now strive to make what I call the Pakistani Dream come true.