The Pakhtuns – Unity and Political Power

It is pleasing to observe that the Pakhtun majority thinks that the salvation of the Pakhtuns lies in bringing political power to their doorsteps. The Pakhtuns now desire to bring to themselves political power in order to be able to change their own destiny towards the better. In order to do this political power must now be wrested by the Pakhtuns from those who have wielded this power on their behalf only to further their own selfish vested political and financial interests. When this i.e. the political empowerment of the Pakhtuns actually happens in the literal sense the Pakhtuns will not be ignored anymore in Pakistan’s nation building activities. To be absolutely and ruthlessly honest, thus far the Pakhtuns have been just kept on a life line and nothing more. Despite this neglect the Pakhtuns have proved in all sorts of situations that they possess the highest degree of patriotism and they have always been ready to lay down their lives for Pakistan. This is an aspect about the Pakhtuns that must never be doubted.

The Pakhtuns, whether located in the settled areas or in the tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, are actually one people. If the administrative systems had not distinguished between them they actually are the same people i.e.Pakhtuns with absolutely similar customs and traditions that are encompassed by the uniform Pakhtun code called Pakhtunwali.The collective interests of the Pakhtuns are embedded in unity. Disunity and diversity in the shape of settled and tribal areas etc. will be derogatory to the long term interests of the Pakhtuns. Unity and wresting of political power will do wonders for the deprived and downtrodden Pakhtun people.

Over centuries enough adversity has been afflicted upon the Pakhtuns. It is, therefore, time for the Pakhtuns to now stand for their political rights and privileges and ask for all that should be rightfully theirs within the Federation of Pakistan. Pakistan can no longer treat the Pakhtun belt as if present times were still the British era with the only difference that there were now Pakistanis in the driving seat instead of the British themselves. The Pakhtuns as a whole, in general, and in the tribal areas, in particular, have suffered beyond what words can explain and, therefore, it is time for everyone to start giving them their due in development, education, communication, health and the social sectors. A fresh beginning is now imperative.

The Pakhtuns must also now understand that they should not let their next generations slide into the situation that their ancestors have endured and grow up only to be eligible to be ordinary soldiers, policemen, laborers, cab drivers, bus drivers and other odd jobbers. They are, indeed, a people gifted by nature with good robust physique, intelligence, forthrightness, courage (moral and physical), patriotism, sense of self respect, dignity and honour. The one thing that they lack is good education and that is the biggest impediment in the way of their progress. The Pakhtuns have a rich history of chivalry, very enviable culture and practiced traditions that make the Pakhtuns an outstanding people. Pakistanis and the world at large have to develop a better understanding of the Pakhtuns.

It is now past the time that the world should have allowed the Pakhtuns to find their peace because though the Pakhtuns will willingly take on any force far beyond their fighting ability they are, basically, a peace loving people as long as they are not intruded upon. The Pakhtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan have suffered beyond what words can explain and it has been mainly due to their geographical location at a juncture on earth that has attracted super power attention over the centuries. The most recent has been the seemingly endless militarization of the region since the seventies of the last century. The world must now find peace for the Pakhtuns on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Let the Pakhtuns now live a normal life. Bring development and not adversity to the land of the Pakhtuns. That is the call of the hour. The world will have to heed to this call. There is no other choice. The Pakhtun cannot be neglected anymore ever.

It is also time for the Pakhtuns to demand for themselves and strive for the educational infrastructure that will produce doctors, engineers, generals, federal secretaries, professors, admirals, air marshals, architects and all else that goes towards bringing about an accomplished society that is happy, content, peaceful, progressive and accommodating within itself and towards others.The senseless bloodshed must now end. This bloodshed must be brought to an end by all the players, local, regional and global, that are currently involved in the region and, in particular, in the land of the Pakhtuns on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. This is the least that they can do for the already extremely downtrodden and exploited Pakhtuns. Humanity demands this, if nothing else and in this lies the good of Pakistan, the region and the world. We receivethousands of orders daily, and cherishes every client who turns to make sure that your future will be brilliant while your future will be brilliant while your present isn’t overloaded with boring homework and fun experiences. Our company values and cherishes every client who turns to . We are here to make sure that your present isn’t overloaded with boring homework and fun experiences. Our company values and cherishes every client who turns to us. We receivethousands of them on time. We receivethousands of them on time. We receivethousands of bright moments . We do not so much choose words to buy cheap essays using fit our perceptions and ideas, as we see and think in terms of the words we know

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8 Replies to “The Pakhtuns – Unity and Political Power”

  1. who will make that educational infrastructure that produce doctors,engineers,generals,secteries,professors,admirals,air marshals and architects for pakhtuns?The innocent pakhtuns this time brought those people to the corridors of the power who were claiming that we will die for pakhtuns and which do their politics sheer on the name of pakhtoons.Now if they are enjoying only the luxieries for themselves and dont ask that what is happening to pakhtoon so what the pakhtoon can do more??Our education minister the great Babak dont even bother to meet a university student how i will expect from him that he will lay such an educational infrastrucure which will produce doctors and engineers for pakhtoonkhwa,and our sports and culture minister the great aqil shah,you will never find him there in his office and he will never meet you at his residence,having that much big offices and portfolios on the name and due to pakhtoons they even dont have just 5 minutes for us to talk to us leave other resources on which they should facilitate us,they even dont have a few good words for us……

  2. Mr Sharif Khattak! People like u have been rendered irrelevent by the circumstances which showed Pukhtoon the ugly face of ur establishment behind which u people have been executing every plan to destroy Pukhtoons for ur panjabi masters in pursuit of petty worldly gains.Being a former operative of the paki secret service ur hands are tainted with the blood of innocent Pukhtoons on both side of the durand. Don’t try to shed crocodile tears.We the todays youth exactly know our national traiters. Thanks to the internet that devils are no more able to hide behind their masks.Pukhtoons are on the way to unity and british or panjabi legacy holders, the supporters of imperialists are on the run.The likes of u can not deceive our masses any more.

  3. the writer of this article is totally blind and unaware about the pashtoon/Pakhtuns, his total points are baseless. he even doesnot know about the geography or land of pashtoons. he has limited the pashtoons just to FATA and Pashtoonkhawa, but the facts are that more then 50 lac pashtoons are in Balochistan ranging from Sibi (Bolan to Sherani) in the same way what about the millions of pashtoons in Mian Wali and Attak of Punjab province. and above all the pashtoons of Afghanistan.
    i will go in details but let me say about the education of Pashtoons. if we see Pashtoon are more educated even well educated in Pakistan. go thru the history of all competitive exams of CSS and army, education, engineering, doctors Pashtoon will be participating in majority but it is PAkistan that does not allow PAshtoon to flourish and come on better positions.

  4. Masood Sharif Khattak sahib, very nicely written article. But there are some questions which you have to answer being our elder as I belong to your village. You criticsed ANP in the first paragraph indirectly, I accept right. May you please explain, where is the altrenate of ANP? MMA, about whom your words were that people of karak don”t know how to change their luck, as Shah Abdul Aziz defeated you (I did not voted for him). You were in PPP and we saw the two governments of PPP and ZA Bhutto. Now first time of ANP. If people like you with talent will come forward (I don:t doubt your sincerity) to unite pashtoons and provide them a better alternative, then it is possible. Because pashtuns do not do the odd jobs by choice but by compulsion. You should come forward and make naked the intiriguies against pashtuns on both side of Durandline. I think you know much better than people like me. If pashtuns ahve a good status and economic previliges, then you are our hero. But our request will be for you to come forward and lead the pashtuns.

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