The organisation that I had suggested for The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)

I joined the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf through a crowded press conference at my residence on a once a date that I have no idea whether it will be ever repeated in the same manner..11/11/11 i.e 11th Nov 2011.

Masood Sharif Khattak\’s Press Conference – Joining PTI 11/11/11

I and Chairman PTI Imran Khan addressed this Press Conference. It was a great day in my political life:-

Press Conference – Joining PTI on 11/11/11

After This I took upon myself a voluntary responsibility to draft an Organisation for the PTI as I had the requisite experience in this field. I was then hoping, and that was a time when PTI had no orgaisation at all, that these suggestions would be circulated amongst the senior leaders who would give their suggestions after which we may have had an Organisation on ground. I had presented theses suggestions directly to The Chairman on two occasions and on both occasions he had appreciated my effort and handed over the same, on one occasion, to a senior leader to have a look into these suggestions and get back to him9The Chairman. That never happened.
Since I had put in long hours on this effort I am posting the same here on my website for the sake of posterity. It saddens me that the PTI senior leadership entrusted with the task by the Chairman never even bothered to have a second look at these suggested organisations.
Later I stressed upon The Chairman PTI to at least incorporate the organisation of The Chairman’s Secretariat as his work then will become easier and smoother. The Chairman agreed and truly wanted it done but again the senior leadership entrusted with the task of coordinating the effort with me havent yet found time to have a meeting for the purpose. The sole purpose of posting these on my website is to save them for posterity as an effort, in vain, on my behalf for the betterment of the PTI. I am afraid I have to say that the organisation as listed in the now approved Constitution is absolutely inadequate. No organisation can be effective without a regular Charter of Duties. The Organisation I had suggested are attached here as presentations.

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