National unity foremost

No country can be at ease with itself when hundreds of thousands of its citizens are displaced from their homes and are placed in refugee camps. Estimates put the figure at around 1.5 million. Housed in ill-managed refugee camps these Pakistanis, all of whom happen to be Pakhtuns, face a bleak future for months, and

Pakhtuns want peace

These days Pakhtun women and elderly men carrying heavy loads on their backs and the beautiful bewildered children of the Pakhtuns looking into the prying eye of television cameras leaving their mud huts behind while fleeing violence-stricken areas is a common sight on our television screens. The forlorn look on the face of a child

Security Situation – PK Politics

NOTE: The following media is in the Urdu language and NOT in English. Former DG IB (Director General Intelligence Bureau) Masood Sharif Khan Khattak shares his views regarding the current security situation in Pakistan with PKPolitics. The questions were based on several concerns raised recently by members in the comments on PKPolitics and we will