Pakistan’s silent majority must wake up

Waiting has never ever done any nation any good. Never ever in history has waiting changed the destiny of a nation towards the better. All the nations that are the worlds most progressive today have all wrested their destinies from their respective selfish vested interests and only after taking their destinies in their own hands

The pathetic face of Pakistan’s majority – the toiling masses that live a sub standard human life

The true face of Pakistan’s vast majority is the face of the toiling masses who live a sub standard human life. He is not laughing. When I took this picture he was asked to laugh and he obliged just as a robot would oblige when given an electronic command. This is a poor worker in

Impediments to Pakistan’s Progress

IMPEDIMENTS TO PAKISTAN’S PROGRESS Talk By Masood Sharif Khan Khattak Former Director General Intelligence Bureau To the Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan At Marriott Hotel Islamabad on 28 October 2010 Mr Ahsan ul Haq Khan Chairman Administration Committee of the Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan, Dr Shakil Ansari District Governor Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan

Mian Nawaz Sharif’s Choices

Today, the Punjab Government is a forced marriage of fierce political adversaries i.e. PML-N and PPP with the junior partner (PPP) playing the role of the enemy within the coalition so that PML-N in Punjab does not become a success story. Mian Nawaz Sharif must be credited for his magnanimity in accommodating the PPP despite