The change that the Pakistanis yearn for

These days “change” is the buzz word on the tongues of all Pakistanis. Little do they realise that no one will ever present them that change on a platter. Little do they realise that it is they themselves that can create the change for the good that they all yearn for so earnestly. Stressing further on this let me say that nothing and no one but they i.e. the people of Pakistan themselves hold the key to their own future.

It is never the governments that bring about the change that the people yearn for. Drastic changes for the good are always brought about by the people of a country themselves and that change is achieved through two means; first, an outright noisy and possibly a bloody revolution and secondly, that change is brought about silently and peacefully through the ballot box. In both cases the people themselves are the major players. So if the people of Pakistan opt for any of these two options they will get that change that they yearn for and if they just keep talking about the change and do nothing practical then status quo will prevail till this mighty and great Pakistani nation perishes or is made to perish through manoeuvrings of those who wish to see Pakistan perish and be replaced by tiny Muslim states living on alms thrown at them.

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2 Replies to “The change that the Pakistanis yearn for”

  1. OK, Khattak Sahib, you’re quite right to point out to us, the common folk of this country, that it is above all our responsibility to get it up and running again. It’s a tremendous responsibility all said and done.

    But, with all due respect, I have a question for you as well. What will your role be in all this? You are one of the political elite in Pakistan. I have heard you speak on Views and News along with other PPP greats or should that be ex-PPP greats?. I was impressed enough to come and read you here.

    When are all of you going to switch over to another party so that ZAB’s great patriotism finally brings this country back to life again? We should like to see you all grouped under a great Pukhtoon leader.

  2. sir We are witing for your warm welcome in karak after joining PTI. Kindly schedule your visit to every village of karak that will bring a real change and conducive for upcomming election. I m sure you can do alot for khattaks nd KPK.

    people are sick n tired of this hypocratic leadership.My all friends are restless to start your election compaign.

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