Pakistan’s silent majority must wake up

Waiting has never ever done any nation any good. Never ever in history has waiting changed the destiny of a nation towards the better. All the nations that are the worlds most progressive today have all wrested their destinies from their respective selfish vested interests and only after taking their destinies in their own hands have they progressed and stand where they do stand today. This is history.
Pakistan has an irrelevant silent majority of about ten crores (100 million) of people and most of them are in the lower and upper middle class categories. Pakistan also has the electorally functional population of over three crores (30 million) of people who are, primarily, from the poor and very poor class and are thus dependent upon the vested political interests (the ruling feudal and business elite) of Pakistan. Thus each time around, on election day, these three crores vote traditionally on the lines that we have seen in so many elections while the silent majority treat the election day as a holiday and take off for a picnic with their near and dear ones. The dependent three crores obviously bring back to power those on whom they are dependent for their next meal. We, the silent majority, are truly guilty of negligence towards our obligation to vote for the betterment of Pakistan. It surely is time to wake up.
Pakistan’s destiny will change the day the silent majority wakes up and lines up at the polling booths on election day. Everything will change for the better. If it does not happen in this way then the streets will have to burn and turn red one day not long from now.

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6 Replies to “Pakistan’s silent majority must wake up”

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    That’s because Pakistan’s silent majority is contented middle class mostly salaried middle class and upper grades of working class hardly interested in anything outside their daily life.There has to be a discontented middle class to participate in elections.It’s funny that during elections ‘High’ engage only masses (who have no intellect) where as voting is an act of awareness and awareness is directly related to literacy so educated middle class must come out and take the responsibility to vote after analyzing intellectual abilities of a person for ruler-ship.
    Dear MSK keep stirring them one day the conscious of Majority will be influenced in a +ve way.

  2. Well said! the onus is again on the silent majority. They who even don’t have an outlet/medium to at least express what they want.But a fair question is, for whom should they vote if they decide to come out? Are there enough names whom could be trusted and vote for. Maj Sb, with all respect, actions speak louder than words. Our political parties have well written manifestos promising poor masses every thing on earth once they get in, but result is just reverse.
    Do we have the right to ask that your decision to quit the party brought only miseries to Khattaks. Yeh, it was your own stand but don’t you think, it wasn’t a wise one. Had you been with them, surely not only you would have been enjoying power, Khattaks, too, would have their share from the central plate. But you left it to the Mullahs!
    One more question, You are elected in the next election,PPPP have you deserted(as they say),PML(N) will you never join,Mullahs can never be in power, MQM is out of question, so where will you go and how would your one seat will be effective. What good fortune will bring your MNA tenure for Khattaks.I would like to hear from you on this.
    Lets be fair, you can be more effective than an MNA, provided you apply yourself. How? let me answer. You have good contacts in electronic media, talk to them to have some features and documentaries on the rich resources of Karak. Arrange for them some visits to the oil and gas sites. Highlight the proper royalty issue and its proper allocation. adequate gas supply to the district first for its own development.At present three-fourth of the production is consumed by Punjab and only one-fourth by the province(KP) not to talk of Karak.Also tell the media, that Karak has the largest contribution to the armed forces and in return Karak has only a junior school by Fouji Foundation; no other investment whereas it has huge investments in other areas.Karak has the largest Uranium resources under Atomic Energy Commission, what it’s getting in return.
    By God, our leaders from karak have logged their horns on petty issues and have no realization of these vital issues. Realization and making other realize this can rewrite the fortunes of Khattaks.
    Forgive me, if I have slipped somewhere, but it hurts when we are for a week to our native towns and prepare to return after a day cos having no light, gas,etc.



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