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October 3rd, 2011

Karak and Surrounding Areas Oil and Gas Fields

Karak and NA 15 (a National Assembly Constituency composed of the District as a whole) can now no longer be treated as a backyard District or Constituency of Pakistan without serious repercussions to Pakistan’s economic wellbeing. Karak District and some of its adjoining areas in Kohat, Hangu and Mianwali Districts (also Bannu in the near future) are destined to be what may, eventually, be termed as the ‘Petroleum or Energy Province of Pakistan’. This upcoming ‘Energy Province’ of Pakistan that essentially revolves around Karak District now needs serious attention of the economic planners of Pakistan. The more and faster that this area is made to develop the better it shall be for the general good health of Pakistan’s future economy as well as for the Country’s overall good in nearly every sector of national life.

Meet The Press at Peshawar -15 Feb 2011

While Article 161 of the Constitution of Pakistan makes it incumbent upon the Federal Government to be paying to the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa a huge amount as excise duty collected at the well head and royalty it is also now extremely necessary to pay attention to some other vital factors which will go a long way in the furtherance of Pakistan’s national interests. Those factors include a Federal and Provincial governmental effort towards ensuring that the areas that are rich in natural resources begin to develop at a fast pace and in that development are included projects like the development of educational infrastructure all the way to the University level, development of industrial areas with an initial concession of tax holidays of different kinds, development of the communication infrastructure, the medical infrastructure and much more. I have no hesitation in saying that if these factors had been implemented in the energy producing and other areas of Balochistan when energy (gas) was first discovered in Sui (Balochistan) it would have given an incentive to the people of other areas of energy rich Balochistan to invite the oil and gas development sector to come and explore in their areas. There would have been no need of any State security for such exploratory efforts as the interest of the locals themselves would have ensured their safety etc. We did just the opposite. The whole of Pakistan was consuming the natural gas from Sui where it was discovered in 1952. The gas from Sui was transmitted for domestic and industrial consumption to all over Pakistan since 1955 but it was as late as the 1980s that this gas began to be supplied in Quetta i.e. the Capital of Balochistan. What I am trying to stress upon people who matter in decision making is that they should think of developing the new energy producing areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which essentially, thus far, revolve around District Karak and its fringes bordering the districts of Kohat and Mianwali. This must be done before the locals start feeling that they are being robbed and nothing is being given to them in return. That is when serious trouble is likely to be encountered. I am also hopeful that the decision makers of today will not like to see Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA deteriorating into a situation such as the one Pakistan encounters in Balochistan due to policy failures of the past. » More: SIGNIFICANCE OF KARAK DISTRICT AND SURROUNDING AREAS FOR PAKISTAN’S FUTURE ECONOMIC WELL BEING AS WELL AS NATIONAL INTEGRITY