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Press Release On my Disassociation with the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI)

March 13th, 2013

During my Press Conference when i joined PTI on 11/11/11


1. The youth of every era of Pakistan’s political history have been desirous of a CHANGE and this phenomenon is ongoing. I have firmly held the agenda for CHANGE close to my heart from the time I was a young man. This is why I identify myself with the youth of Pakistan despite my age. Therefore, at the time I am parting ways with the PTI, I want to extend my apologies to the vibrant youth within the PTI with whom I always enjoyed a very healthy relationship. Much that I had wanted to play a positive and solid role in bringing about a CHANGE certain lobbies deep within the top hierarchy of the PTI and, sadly, the Chairman (Imran Khan) himself were out to ensure that I am not able to play that role and am not effective in any manner to help in bringing about the agenda of CHANGE. The very purpose of my joining the PTI in the first place was thus destroyed. I had many options open to me when I joined the PTI full of fervour and enthusiasm to help expedite the growth of the PTI. By his arrogance and contemptuous indifference Imran Khan himself, playing into the hands of the sycophants around him, destroyed my fervour, motivation and enthusiasm to an extent that today I am forced to take this unpleasant decision of parting ways with the PTI. I hope the PTI cadres realize that the responsibility of losing dedicated people like me lies more with their own Chairman (Imran Khan) than anyone else. I hung on in PTI by swallowing my pride for as long as I could. I could bring it this far (1year and 6 months) and no more. » More: Press Release On my Disassociation with the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI)