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Masood Sharif Khan Khattak’s Long Term Vision For The Development of District Karak(NA 15) If Elected as MNA from NA 15(KARAK) Which he Will Contest as an Independent Candidate

March 23rd, 2013
Karak and Surrounding Areas Oil and Gas Fields

1. I have declared that I shall contest the forthcoming general elections on 11 May, 2013 for NA 15 (Karak) as an independent candidate. If the Khattaks of NA 15 (Karak) repose their confidence in me I shall ensure that I lay the foundations of a progressive Karak District which shall serve as a model for all of Pakistan to follow. My concepts and outline plans are contained in the succeeding paragraphs. My attempt shall be to put my views across in a manner that it is easy for all, i.e. the professionals as well as the general public, to understand.
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2. Karak is now an oil and gas producing District. The production levels today indicate only the beginning of a golden era for Pakistan as well as the Southern Districts and the Southern Agencies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA respectively. To give a rough estimate the value of the oil and gas being produced annually in Karak has crossed the $3 billion (Rs 300 billion) mark. The intensity of exploration (surveys) being carried out and the success rate of the new wells being attempted are most encouraging which indicates that the value of the oil and gas production in District Karak will increase manifolds in the coming ten years or so. Add to Karak’s production the oil and gas being produced in the neighboring Khattak inhabited Shakardarra of Kohat District and this area as a whole emerges as an area with the potential of becoming the future ‘energy producing basin’ for Pakistan. The combined production of crude oil in Karak and Shakardarra warrant the necessity of a refinery within this area. Karak and Shakardarra have already started playing an important role in Pakistan’s economy and this role is going to be upgraded to being substantial over the next few years. Even the resurgence of Pakistan’s economy shall be directly impacted by the development of Karak and the surrounding region.
Kohat – Bannu Basin
3. Karak, having produced more than $3 billion (Rs 300 billion) worth of oil and gas in the fiscal year 2012-13, earned around Rs 25 billion as Royalty on this production for the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Out of this revenue Karak, as its share, received only Rs 1.2 billion as Royalty for the fiscal year 2011-12. This amount (Rs 1.2 billion) really is like giving peanuts to the people of District Karak in return for the wealth that emerges from their lands. A more equitable formula will have to be arrived at in the days to come. This amount (Rs 1.2 billion) was placed at the disposal of the MNA from Karak who belonged to JUI(F), and the two MPAs from Karak, one from JUI(F) and one a provincial Minister from ANP for utilization in the fiscal year 2012-13. It is widely believed by the people of Karak that these funds were spent on various projects as and how it was desired by the public representatives and not in an orderly and planned manner aimed at achieving substantive long term objectives that could better the lives and prospects of District Karak and its people as a whole. People talk of gross irregularities but that is not my area of concern in this policy paper.

4. Over the past many weeks I have been pondering over this matter and have come to certain conclusions which too will be further refined through a process of consultations and debate coming from the general public as well as the educated professional people of the Khattak tribe itself. Views from professionals from anywhere who happen to read this document will certainly be most valued. My concentration in this policy paper is on Karak and the Khattaks as this is the Constituency I shall be contesting from and it is, therefore, absolutely essential for the people I desire to represent in the National Assembly to know how exactly do I think on matters that are important for the general uplift of Karak and the Khattaks. Being a Pakistani I am very concerned about all of Pakistan and after I have highlighted my vision for Karak I feel that people from all over Pakistan can then study it and see how best the model can be applied to their Districts and Constituencies.

5. Through my vision and model for NA 15 (Karak) I wish to ensure the achievement of objectives that will ensure:-

a. A general uplift of the District through creation of commercial activity.
b. The utilization of all funds received as Royalty, MNA or MPA funds and other such grants that maybe allocated by a government from time to time in a transparent manner and in a way that long term projects having a bearing on the collective lives of the people of Karak are undertaken in a planned manner through a properly staffed organization designed to achieve the laid down objectives.
c. Provision of employment opportunities within the District for the skilled and unskilled labour as well as for the highly educated professionals belonging to the District. It is intended to bring the KHATTAK brains back to the District by creating an infrastructure that provides job opportunities to those who work elsewhere for want of such opportunities at home/close to home.
d. The utilization of the District resources/revenues in a manner that within the next 5 years District Karak begins to serve as the role model for all other developed and underdeveloped Districts in the country to follow or emulate.
e. To make the people of Karak the masters of their own destiny and not be subservient to their public representatives for matters that affect their daily lives in as far as the basic amenities of a decent human life are concerned.

6. While these objectives and aims are not easy to achieve they are also not impossible to achieve if we are driven by an honesty of purpose. From my point of view I do realize and understand that if any resource rich district/area and its surrounding districts/areas are not developed at a fast pace we will see a Balochistan kind of a situation in that area in one form or another in due course of time. The people of Karak today watch, everyday, hundreds of tankers carry away crude oil from the oil wells of the District. When they go home many do not have clean drinking water to drink. Such deprivations lead to a simmering which, in turn, then develops into low intensity conflicts that, subsequently and inevitably, lead to full blown conflicts. » More: Masood Sharif Khan Khattak’s Long Term Vision For The Development of District Karak(NA 15) If Elected as MNA from NA 15(KARAK) Which he Will Contest as an Independent Candidate