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The new South Asia

January 3rd, 2009

Pakistan and India will never go to war again because if they do both will become history. The notion expressed by some Indian and international think tanks claiming that, while India will not be totally destroyed in any nuclear war, Pakistan will be completely annihilated is a fallacy. Let it be said in unambiguous terms that both, Pakistan and India, will perish if a nuclear war breaks out on the Subcontinent and from the ashes of that war will emerge many smaller countries based on blood borders. Therefore, pragmatism must now prevail over emotions emerging from history and religion.

In the envisaged new South Asia it should be possible for all citizens of South Asia to travel freely within South Asia for trade, business, commerce and tourism thus generating colossal mutually gainful activity. Is this impossible over a reasonable time span if pragmatism takes over now?

Don’t the Germans, British, French and other Europeans travel freely in Europe today despite some of them having fought each other bitterly in WWII, just 65 years ago? What atrocities did the Germans not perpetrate when they occupied France and Poland? Do we now see any signs of that bitterness in the present generations of France, Poland and Germany? No.
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