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The Liberty hero

March 7th, 2009

The fallout of the Lahore attack will be massive. On Jan 22, the additional inspector general of police heading the Crime Investigating Department (CID) of Punjab had warned the authorities concerned of the likelihood of what eventuality did unfold on March 3. The warning was ignored for 37 days. Sadly, Pakistan will pay the price for the negligence of individuals.

The CID had clearly pointed out that RAW agents were planning to attack the Sri Lankan cricketers either at the hotel or between the hotel and the stadium. The CID Punjab, the brave policemen who were killed and the driver of the bus carrying the Sri Lankans deserve recognition from the state of Pakistan. The bus driver, Meher Muhammad Khalil, displayed extraordinary courage. He not only saved the lives of the Sri Lankan cricketers but also prevented the situation from becoming even grimmer than it did. No gallantry award would be too high for Mr Khalil because he single-handedly saved the country from immense shame.

It is inconceivable that so many attackers put themselves at risk without a big goal. The internal elements involved in the whole process may, or may not, have known the bigger goals of the actual architects of the attack.
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