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The new heroes

March 14th, 2009

Every Pakistani today should have been assured that he or she cannot be humiliated by a state functionary because the citizens were protected by the law. Pakistanis should have been assured of medical care provided by the state. The custodian of Pakistanis’ honour and dignity should have been the state itself. Sixty-one years after independence, we should have been able to hold out our green Pakistani passports to immigration officers around the world with pride.

Instead, the children of Pakistan in most parts of its rural and urban areas gaze into a vacuum with no future. Was Pakistan created for its citizens to suffer? Does Pakistan only deserve turmoil? Is this what the future generations of Pakistan deserve?

It is the few heroes of any nation that chalk out its destiny. Unfortunately, we are short on heroes too. And those that we do get we eventually deride them, dishonour them and even take them to the gallows.
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