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Pakhtuns want peace

May 6th, 2009

These days Pakhtun women and elderly men carrying heavy loads on their backs and the beautiful bewildered children of the Pakhtuns looking into the prying eye of television cameras leaving their mud huts behind while fleeing violence-stricken areas is a common sight on our television screens. The forlorn look on the face of a child riding the back of a fleeing elder brings tears to one’s eyes. But does anyone really care?

The one and only question that comes to mind is whether this madness will ever end. The devastated Pakhtuns living on both sides of the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan want peace after being mauled by violence over the recent years and the past decades, respectively.

The reason for the Pakhtuns not having achieved a standard of progress at large that their personal and collective traits had warranted is not entirely their fault. The Pakhtuns have found themselves in the violent cross hairs of history in such a manner that they have been mauled by the interests of the superpowers of various eras. The first, second and third Afghan wars were fought when Afghanistan found itself in the role of a buffer state between the Russian Empire and British India. In the 70s and the 80s it was the quest for reaching the warm waters of the Arabian Sea that brought the then mighty army of the erstwhile USSR to Afghanistan only to be militarily humiliated but at a huge cost to the Pakhtuns in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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