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To Military: Empower The Middle Class To Save Pakistan

July 4th, 2009
Young Pakistanis

Young Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The revival process must now be generated in right earnest by those who have, on their shoulders, the political and military responsibility for bringing Pakistan back from the brink.

The process must start today. Tomorrow will be too late. The political and military leaders of today’s Pakistan have to bring about a team that is selflessly and uniquely dedicated to achieve one single objective – the Pakistani Dream.

This ought to be done before they are let down by the self-seeking sycophants they so mistakenly depend upon because the sycophants will, in any case, move on undeterred to the next bandwagon when the present one comes to a grinding halt. Haven’t we witnessed this phenomenon often enough in Pakistan? One cursory look around the political and bureaucratic bigwigs of the present political and bureaucratic hierarchy will show up many such faces which have Musharraf’s signatures deeply engraved on their foreheads.
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