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Strengthening Pakistan

July 7th, 2009

Over the years the cementing factors binding the people of Pakistan have been losing their adhesiveness. This has not been happening without reasons that are good enough to tear people apart. Poor governance, absence of political reforms, inequitable progress, absence of justice, oppression of the poor farmer and the worker by the feudal lords and the businessmen respectively, absence of merit, the non provision of equal opportunities to each Pakistani and, above all, the denial of quality education to a vast majority of Pakistanis are only some of the reasons that come to mind instantly as aspects responsible for the fractures that we see in our national structure.

At any given time there have been cries complaining of exploitation from one or another part of the country. If assessed dispassionately the cries have mostly been justified. Only seldom have they been manipulated cries meant to foment trouble of one kind or another. So what have we done, or are doing, to rid this great nation of reasons that bring about such cries of foul play. Nothing in concrete terms yet although it is past the high water mark to take this aspect seriously.

Since our last generation and the one that is now phasing out had lived under a colonial power they were used to being governed as slaves, or a little better than that. The change of the colour of the skin of the masters on 14 August, 1947, did not make much difference to that generation and they accepted the new local masters with the same slavish mentality. Just having an independent country and a flag that they could call their own was good enough to have the adrenaline going. Their unflinching loyalty and patriotism to Pakistan was admirable and enviable. It is not those generations but those of them that ruled the new country in their name that let Pakistan down and are responsible for the mess that we are in presently.
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