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Self-propelled revival effort

September 30th, 2009

Rather than each passing day bringing some relief to a starved nation all essential aspects of Pakistani national life remain in a retrogressive motion with no end to the sufferings of the teeming millions in sight. It is time that Pakistan truly started believing in itself and began to revive itself as a dignified nation with all its national goals clearly defined and pursued in a determined manner.

It is time we stopped living like ostriches hiding our face in the sand and believing that all is well. It is time that we realised that Pakistan today confronts dangers of all sorts. Without a doubt, Pakistan possesses a remarkably patriotic population but it is time to realise that there is a growing discontent amongst this very patriotic population that has been rendered hungry, unemployed, exposed to dangers of lawlessness besides being deprived of the right to self-rule at the local and provincial levels.

It is time to remove our earplugs and listen to the loud and clear voices of dissent emanating from the dry, parched and rugged mountains of Balochistan and find instant remedies. Those of us who have been to inner Balochistan would be forced to agree with the voices of Balochistan that are today crying hoarse over the step-motherly treatment that they have received over the past sixty two years.
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