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Time for a decision

October 21st, 2009

This is crunch time for Pakistan. A complete stock of the situation needs to be taken and some courageous, prudent and entirely indigenous decisions with Pakistan’s own national interests overriding everything else have to come out of that exhaustive stock taking. The main objective of the forthcoming decisions must be to make Pakistan be counted as a responsible state in the comity of nations which values its territorial integrity and sovereignty and respects the same of all its neighbours.

Pakistan must work for peace within itself and should vow to bring it about with its own resources, that is, administrative, military or a combination of both. Pakistan must decide to provide its citizens equal opportunities in life, uniform development, quality education, high class social services, health services and, above all, an effective and fair judicial system. Later, if the world at large wants to help out with no strings attached, it could be accepted to accelerate the pace of nation-building activity. The establishment of total peace is foremost followed by liberal and workable policies encouraging domestic investment, which will then pull in foreign investment without even an effort on our part. Investors always go where the buck is and where the capital multiplies. Pakistan promises a lot and things will happen once we get our strategies and priorities right.

To all those armchair ‘babu’ economists who have handled Pakistan’s finances and have put us in the sorry state that we are now in, all one has to say is “please step aside and let Pakistan breathe freely”. The ‘desi’ nationalist economists will surely achieve for Pakistan what these ‘babu’ economists could not do or did not want to achieve for this poor exploited nation. Pakistan must spell out that it shall endeavour to overcome its economic woes on its very own, however difficult that might be. Everything else, including the inflow of foreign investment, will follow automatically and in a respectable business-like manner. Pakistan must unleash its own business community and collective business acumen and just watch the wonders that they can do for the country.
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