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Presidential Form of Government for Pakistan

January 25th, 2010

Pakistan is faced with multi-dimensional threats pregnant with ominous repercussions. Most worrisome is also the fact that there is no political leader on the horizon who can steer the country out of the quagmire. We hear big time rhetoric but no action that can even remotely match that rhetoric. Nothing seems to be moving in the right direction so as to give hope to the 180 million downtrodden but extremely patriotic people of Pakistan. An incoherent parliamentary system of governance is in place which is truly neither parliamentary nor presidential and the ensuing political instability in the country is actually a result of this confusion and our obstinate persistent efforts aimed at making an unworkable system of governance work for Pakistan – an exercise that will always be in futility. Its time for Pakistan to have a directly elected ruler (President) around which the rest of the system must be laid out – more in line with the US model with all its effective checks and balances. What we have at present is absolutely rotten and no one will ever be able to make it work efficiently.

The much trumpeted so-called democratic process of the post Musharraf era has made no difference at all because it was never meant or designed to make the difference that the people of Pakistan had unsuspectingly expected. Too much had been manipulated over the heads of the people of Pakistan by exceptionally powerful international and national political players with the then incumbent President Musharraf who, at that time, ruled Pakistan as his fiefdom. These manipulations and compromises have let Pakistan down once more and its people have been left marooned on an island of deprivations and hopelessness. I shall like to take my readers back to the open letter I wrote to my most respected political leader i.e. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in December 2007 as a last resort to try and draw her away from the political deal that the PPP was then implementing with Musharraf. I failed in my last attempt. The earlier attempts had been made during my meetings with my late leader whenever I met her in UAE and in UK. For those who may like to read that letter please click on this link and see what is written there in the context of the existing ground situation.
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