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The Approaching Revolution

June 25th, 2010

It is sickening to hear the hypocritical politicians talking of awami (public) welfare. The people of Pakistan are now not as naive and forgiving as they were some years ago when they would not matter in the power equation beyond casting their votes after a zindabad-murdabad electoral campaign. In the past the people were irrelevant, as they then had no platform from where to scream so that their agonising pain could be conveyed to those entrenched in the corridors of power. All that has now changed and the Pakistani nation has, over the past few years, put its weight behind the media to enable it to remain fiercely independent as their voice. Together, the awam and the media, stand behind a judiciary from which the people of Pakistan now expect nothing but justice for all so that this leads to an everlasting rule of law in this country.

Those in government today and those aspiring to be in government tomorrow must register this new facet of our national politics if they want to save themselves from severe grief. The Pakistani people now truly matter and will make their impact on the future of the country, sooner than most people expect. Most Pakistanis, particularly the younger and more enlightened ones, feel that it is time for the Pakistani people to reclaim the country from the vested interests. The people of Pakistan are now determined to convert their political rulers into public servants. » More: The Approaching Revolution