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The ballot revolution

July 22nd, 2009

We stand on the brink. For a timely return from the brink the lost confidence of the people of Pakistan has to be restored before the rage that is building within the chests of 180 million Pakistanis erupts.

The people of Pakistan will probably blame the politicians and the military rulers for all our adversities, without realising that they too are responsible for their own woes. Having suffered so much for the past sixty years it is time for the people of Pakistan to assert their presence and take charge of their own destiny. They can do so by making just one simple decision and that decision can change the destiny of the country. That decision, on the part of each Pakistani, is to take possession of his own vote and to resolve never ever to waste it for any temptation whatsoever.

To illustrate my point I shall narrate an incident from my own experience of the 2002 elections in which I contested for a National Assembly constituency—i.e., NA-15 (Karak, NWFP). Karak is a very conservative constituency and no one had ever contested for it on the PPP ticket. I stood second to a young man of 28 who contested on a religious party’s ticket. However, the reality was that the people preferred a man 28 years of age with no experience in government to my 52 years, in which the profile would speak of military service, civil service at the highest levels, some enviable achievements in life and a general reputation that was well respected by the electorate. Coming back to the point I want to make let me say that I did not pay a single rupee for anyone to vote for me. Lots of my polling agents and people within my own camp were secretly hand-in-glove with my opponents for monetary rewards. Many of them deserted their polling booths before the votes were even counted. Many of my polling agents influenced my voters to vote for the other side because money had passed into their pockets. On the campaign trail, three days before the actual polling I went to a remote village where the vote count was not much but I was still going there because of my own vow to reach out to the most neglected areas and people of my constituency. On the way to this village I had noticed that along the many deserted miles of the shingle road leading to that village there were many electric poles but the wire was mostly missing. On my asking I had been told that these poles had been there for nearly fifteen years but that people had stolen many poles and most of the wire because electricity was never actually provided.
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The new young leaders

July 22nd, 2009

Pakistan today needs its young ones to stand up and get counted. Pakistan’s future depends upon how quickly and effectively the new generation can take the political reins of the country. They should do so by taking charge of their vote for the next elections.

I have absolute relentless faith in the youth of Pakistan and am sure they will rise and be the flag bearers for Pakistan on a renewed journey to become a respectable nation amongst the world community. They must rise to make Pakistan the country of our dream; to attain what I call the PAKISTANI DREAM. This Dream envisages a Pakistan in which every Pakistani has access to justice and the State itself protects the poorest of the poor from exploitation, a Pakistan in which standard quality education is available to all throughout Pakistan’s length and breadth, a Pakistan in which there are equal business and job opportunities for all, a Pakistan in which the social services, health facilities and the communication infra structure all over the country is uniform.
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