The new young leaders

Pakistan today needs its young ones to stand up and get counted. Pakistan’s future depends upon how quickly and effectively the new generation can take the political reins of the country. They should do so by taking charge of their vote for the next elections.

I have absolute relentless faith in the youth of Pakistan and am sure they will rise and be the flag bearers for Pakistan on a renewed journey to become a respectable nation amongst the world community. They must rise to make Pakistan the country of our dream; to attain what I call the PAKISTANI DREAM. This Dream envisages a Pakistan in which every Pakistani has access to justice and the State itself protects the poorest of the poor from exploitation, a Pakistan in which standard quality education is available to all throughout Pakistan’s length and breadth, a Pakistan in which there are equal business and job opportunities for all, a Pakistan in which the social services, health facilities and the communication infra structure all over the country is uniform.

The Pakistani Dream envisages a Pakistan in which the people govern themselves through effective autonomy at the lowest levels and do not have to look up to some well entrenched exploitative forces in Islamabad. The Pakistani Dream envisages a Pakistan in which Provincial autonomy is to a level that it makes a happy Federation.

It is time for the Pakistani nation to find that evasive nationhood and happiness that it has yearned for over the past sixty years. Lets do it for ourselves. Lets make Pakistan the progressive and welfare state that it was designed to be. Lets do our little bit – each one of us.

It is time for the young brains of Pakistan to activate themselves for the good of their coming generation or lose everything we ever had. Time is not on our side and we have to catch up real fast to make Pakistan the country we all dreamt of always – a modern and progressive State looked upon with respect by all.

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