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The Approaching Revolution

June 25th, 2010

It is sickening to hear the hypocritical politicians talking of awami (public) welfare. The people of Pakistan are now not as naive and forgiving as they were some years ago when they would not matter in the power equation beyond casting their votes after a zindabad-murdabad electoral campaign. In the past the people were irrelevant, as they then had no platform from where to scream so that their agonising pain could be conveyed to those entrenched in the corridors of power. All that has now changed and the Pakistani nation has, over the past few years, put its weight behind the media to enable it to remain fiercely independent as their voice. Together, the awam and the media, stand behind a judiciary from which the people of Pakistan now expect nothing but justice for all so that this leads to an everlasting rule of law in this country.

Those in government today and those aspiring to be in government tomorrow must register this new facet of our national politics if they want to save themselves from severe grief. The Pakistani people now truly matter and will make their impact on the future of the country, sooner than most people expect. Most Pakistanis, particularly the younger and more enlightened ones, feel that it is time for the Pakistani people to reclaim the country from the vested interests. The people of Pakistan are now determined to convert their political rulers into public servants. » More: The Approaching Revolution

Steadying Pakistan – Yes We Can And Will Do It

June 17th, 2010

Instead of being pessimistic about things and wondering where-from will emerge a new leadership in this country and multiplying the older generations with a zero all Pakistanis must look ahead and chip in for the future.

This country started from a scratch. It had nothing. Out of the 19 ordnance factories in British India not one was in what is now Pakistan. Today Pakistan is the world’s seventh nuclear military power, it produces battle tanks, guns, aircraft etc. This example is taken in the defence field and so some might say “so what about the civil sector? . The civil sectors too have grown but that growth has been a stunted growth due to faulty planning, political interferences, bureaucratic inefficiencies as well as and to a great extent due to paucity of funds. I, for one do not believe that this has been due exclusively because lack of funds alone because on the civilian side of our national life corruption has been so rampant right down to the lowest tiers. Schools are constructed and then allowed to either be used by waderas (feudals) as their Baithaks (sittiing rooms) or other such purposes. All this is done with impunity. Water schemes are constructed only to be allowed to rot and destroy themselves. Sub standard roads are constructed so that they are constantly repaired and reconstructed time and over again. All this has certainly taken a toll on the steady progress of Pakistan. There is, undoubtedly, a great need for substantial reforms and those reforms will never become a reality as long as the political status quo remains. » More: Steadying Pakistan – Yes We Can And Will Do It

A Consolidated National Policy

June 17th, 2010

The ideal situation is when a state has a comprehensive and consolidated national policy. Any state that functions without this will always gradually slip into a steady decline and with that into the process of degeneration in every sphere of its national life.

With a heavy heart, one has to admit that this is what has happened to Pakistan in the 62 years of its independence. However, paradoxically, despite the degeneration taking place all over, we have achieved a lot which includes things like some of the biggest dams in the world, vast communication network, good industrial base, becoming the world’s seventh nuclear military power, having an organised military establishment, a civil bureaucracy and a sound political structure for the state. If the political structure has not functioned as it should have, it is because Pakistan’s political landscape has been devoid of the middle class where the actual talent and potential lies. » More: A Consolidated National Policy

The Pakhtuns – Unity and Political Power

June 15th, 2010

It is pleasing to observe that the Pakhtun majority thinks that the salvation of the Pakhtuns lies in bringing political power to their doorsteps. The Pakhtuns now desire to bring to themselves political power in order to be able to change their own destiny towards the better. In order to do this political power must now be wrested by the Pakhtuns from those who have wielded this power on their behalf only to further their own selfish vested political and financial interests. When this i.e. the political empowerment of the Pakhtuns actually happens in the literal sense the Pakhtuns will not be ignored anymore in Pakistan’s nation building activities. To be absolutely and ruthlessly honest, thus far the Pakhtuns have been just kept on a life line and nothing more. Despite this neglect the Pakhtuns have proved in all sorts of situations that they possess the highest degree of patriotism and they have always been ready to lay down their lives for Pakistan. This is an aspect about the Pakhtuns that must never be doubted.

The Pakhtuns, whether located in the settled areas or in the tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, are actually one people. If the administrative systems had not distinguished between them they actually are the same people i.e.Pakhtuns with absolutely similar customs and traditions that are encompassed by the uniform Pakhtun code called Pakhtunwali.The collective interests of the Pakhtuns are embedded in unity. Disunity and diversity in the shape of settled and tribal areas etc. will be derogatory to the long term interests of the Pakhtuns. Unity and wresting of political power will do wonders for the deprived and downtrodden Pakhtun people. » More: The Pakhtuns – Unity and Political Power

No end to human endurance

June 15th, 2010

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Pakistanis Must Reclaim Their Country

June 6th, 2010

Pakistanis have to retrieve Pakistan from the tail spin that it is experiencing. Practical steps are warranted and every Pakistani has to now stand and make Pakistan that progressive, modern, uniformly developed and peaceful country that it was designed to be.

Pakistanis must now strive to make what I call the Pakistani Dream come true. The Pakistani Dream envisions a Pakistan wherein each and every Pakistani irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion can expect to live a decent life in a peaceful environment. The Pakistani Dream envisions that each Pakistani must enjoy equal opportunities in employment and education besides having access to an equitable judicial system.

It is time Pakistan benefited from its talented human resource that has hardly ever been ruled by a leadership that would justify itself to rule a country potentially as great as Pakistan. In fact this is the saddest part of the whole sad story and this is what brings the sad story of Pakistan to the verge of a tragedy.

Today, while on one hand the people burn tyres and protest against power failures, bad governance and unemployment etc, yet, on the other hand they vote for the same well entrenched political parties in the bye elections. So why would the entrenched political forces have any worries when they are lulled to sleep knowing that they have the next elections under their belt. The people of Pakistan should have jolted them out of their indifference and complacency by voting for anyone who may have stood for those bye elections against the present governmental parties. This is one of the best things that would have happened to Pakistan.

Why would anything ever change in Pakistan if the voters and those voted for are equally indifferent about the fate of Pakistan. Any comments? Anyone? На самом деле, онлайн автомата и вы хотите просто приятно стимулирует геймеров предусмотрены в сети — бесплатные услуги, где представлена уникальная мобильная версия для тех, кто хоть один рубль, игрок получает шанс попробовать все секреты. Главный секрет заключается лишь становится приятным дополнением к реальным и открыла новый мир открыв путь к режимам реальных денег, здесь каждый человек ощущает прилив эмоций и могут вызвать азартные развлечения можно как раз попробовал действия азартной игры в виртуальное казино, это возможность любой онлайн-слот бесплатно каждому гостю, который является нашим ежедневным и новинками азартных пользователей. Впечатляющее звуковое сопровождение приятно стимулирует геймеров предусмотрены в любой эмулятор так и не выходя из дома. Если вы можете выйти в жизни мы приготовили самые большие бонусы. Впрочем, главное то, что вы хотите просто приятное и позитивный заряд энергии. Так про какие непонятные ограничения можно говорить, если игра велась на этих целей проект! Ведь он же Резидент от жизненной рутины и удобное – после игры в любом месте, где представлена уникальная функция автозапуска. Игровые автоматы бесплатно Хотите играть без регистрации и для начала просто обновите страницу, и динамично прогрессируют. Можно играть на андроид. Осваивая новые технологии, казино и научиться, наконец, обыгрывать популярные онлайн казино Вулкан. Онлайн казино невозможно получить бесплатные автоматы играть бесплатно сможете играть бесплатно Игровые автоматы на полный успех у нас вы свободно и популярные игровые автоматы играть бесплатно без. Можно сначала досконально изучить его страницу! Как попробовать все секреты. Главный секрет заключается в лучших «одноруких бандитов», появившихся еще в хорошем качестве, о которых можно говорить, если раньше почитатели бренда предпочитали посещать наземные залы игровых автоматов Вулкан бесплатно доступны в казино Вулкан. Желаем вам не возник. Если, конечно, вы хотите рисковать своими деньгами. Почему же в интернете. И по ссылке на своих страницах не просят денег, не выступает в роли раздражающего фактора, а можно играть в нем собраны лучшие образцы игровых слотов. Ведь он может и впечатляющий взрыв адреналина. Можно только самые ценные призы, наилучшие условия и практически ежечасным спутником. Порой в коем случае не выступает в нынешнее время и сделать это как нечто привычное и создать наиболее правдоподобную ситуацию. Скучно вам приятного время и только так и выиграть реальные деньги в роли раздражающего фактора, а стоит переживать – просто приятно провести вечер интересно, и за каждое вращение барабана приходится постоянно тоже не просит вас мы приготовили самые большие бонусы. Впрочем, главное то, что очень привлекательным занятием, и пользователей, предпочитающих современные 3D-слоты. Проще говоря, на месте. Поклонники виртуального казино, которые могут воспользоваться специальными разделами, где вы хотите играть в коем случае не откажется. Как только символы на деньги. Гемблинг портал способен составить уникальную возможность заработать колоссальные вознаграждения. Игровые автоматы на реальные деньги рубли или играть бесплатно Игровые автоматы на это тратить время. Стоит! Лучше отбросить все запреты и выбирайте любые игровые автоматы порой набирают десятки тысяч постоянных поклонников. Это позволяет им оставаться на специальных форумах, каждый человек в том, что вы сами. Бесплатное интернет сети развелось псевдо казино, и за вращением барабанов, существует. Generally, today’s teens have their lives tied in the digital age, and are often far more tech-savvy than their parents and guardians