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October 3rd, 2011

Karak and Surrounding Areas Oil and Gas Fields

Karak and NA 15 (a National Assembly Constituency composed of the District as a whole) can now no longer be treated as a backyard District or Constituency of Pakistan without serious repercussions to Pakistan’s economic wellbeing. Karak District and some of its adjoining areas in Kohat, Hangu and Mianwali Districts (also Bannu in the near future) are destined to be what may, eventually, be termed as the ‘Petroleum or Energy Province of Pakistan’. This upcoming ‘Energy Province’ of Pakistan that essentially revolves around Karak District now needs serious attention of the economic planners of Pakistan. The more and faster that this area is made to develop the better it shall be for the general good health of Pakistan’s future economy as well as for the Country’s overall good in nearly every sector of national life.

Meet The Press at Peshawar -15 Feb 2011

While Article 161 of the Constitution of Pakistan makes it incumbent upon the Federal Government to be paying to the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa a huge amount as excise duty collected at the well head and royalty it is also now extremely necessary to pay attention to some other vital factors which will go a long way in the furtherance of Pakistan’s national interests. Those factors include a Federal and Provincial governmental effort towards ensuring that the areas that are rich in natural resources begin to develop at a fast pace and in that development are included projects like the development of educational infrastructure all the way to the University level, development of industrial areas with an initial concession of tax holidays of different kinds, development of the communication infrastructure, the medical infrastructure and much more. I have no hesitation in saying that if these factors had been implemented in the energy producing and other areas of Balochistan when energy (gas) was first discovered in Sui (Balochistan) it would have given an incentive to the people of other areas of energy rich Balochistan to invite the oil and gas development sector to come and explore in their areas. There would have been no need of any State security for such exploratory efforts as the interest of the locals themselves would have ensured their safety etc. We did just the opposite. The whole of Pakistan was consuming the natural gas from Sui where it was discovered in 1952. The gas from Sui was transmitted for domestic and industrial consumption to all over Pakistan since 1955 but it was as late as the 1980s that this gas began to be supplied in Quetta i.e. the Capital of Balochistan. What I am trying to stress upon people who matter in decision making is that they should think of developing the new energy producing areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which essentially, thus far, revolve around District Karak and its fringes bordering the districts of Kohat and Mianwali. This must be done before the locals start feeling that they are being robbed and nothing is being given to them in return. That is when serious trouble is likely to be encountered. I am also hopeful that the decision makers of today will not like to see Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA deteriorating into a situation such as the one Pakistan encounters in Balochistan due to policy failures of the past. » More: SIGNIFICANCE OF KARAK DISTRICT AND SURROUNDING AREAS FOR PAKISTAN’S FUTURE ECONOMIC WELL BEING AS WELL AS NATIONAL INTEGRITY

Gen Nasir Ullah Khan Babar – A Legend Forever

March 6th, 2011

This article was written in memory of Late Major General Nasir Ullah Khan Babar and was printed in the March issue of the Defence Journal which is as yet not online….

People like late Major General Nasir Ullah Khan Babar are not born every day. He was twice awarded Sitara-e-Juraat in his military career i.e. in the 1965 and 1971 war and once a Hilal e Shujaat in his civilian career i.e. when he was the Interior Minister and had got released, single handedly, a bus load of students who had been hijacked by some Afghans.
Hailing from a modest village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa called Pir Pai he went on to hold appointments like Inspector General Frontier Corps, General Officer Commanding (GOC) 14 Division, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (then NWFP), Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, directly elected Member of the National Assembly and Interior Minister(1993-96). While writing this I suddenly realized how unfortunate this beautiful country of ours is that it did not have any reason to utilize a man like Major General Nasir Ullah Khan Babar in his last useful years of life i.e. all the way from 1996 to 2008 when he fell sick and was disabled due to a serious stroke that paralysed him. Any other country ruled by true patriots would have been looking for die hard patriots like Gen Babar. Alas this cannot be said about Pakistan where all the rulers only look for court jesters.
Thinking about Gen Babar’s nerves I am reminded of a time when I and my wife Farzana, whom he always took as a daughter, were with Gen Babar and his wife in his hospital room at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi. Begum Nasir Ullah Khan Babar was telling my wife that he cannot now move his arm and some other details about his illness thinking the grand old man was asleep and not listening. The General opened his eyes and true to his reputation lifted his left arm to a reasonable height and mumbled the words “see I can lift my arm and what she is saying is not true”. At this point I was standing by his side and I was so moved I could not help kiss his hand with the affection of a son. It is for the reader to assess from this happening how determined and strong nerved a man must Gen Babar have been in his life time when he acted like this lying listless in his hospital bed after having suffered a massive stroke of paralysis. » More: Gen Nasir Ullah Khan Babar – A Legend Forever

Letter to Mr Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan alongwith an Annexure Outlining Basic Uplift Projects for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA

January 28th, 2011

Reference: -No KPK/1/Projects/President Dated 28 January 2011

From: – Masood Sharif Khan Khattak
District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Email: – masoodsharifkhattak@gmail.com

To: – Mr. Asif Ali Zardari
President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ISLAMABAD

Copy To: – Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani
Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ISLAMABAD

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Quaid, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)

General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani
Chief of the Army Staff, General Headquarters, Rawalpindi
(For projects in Annexure A related to Fauji Foundation)

Dear Mr President,
Assalamalaikum. Today, it truly hurts to be a somewhat privileged Pakhtun when one looks at the general population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa living in miserable conditions. To my mind it amounts to be a sin if the somewhat privileged Pakhtuns do not speak for the downtrodden population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). On my part, I will not hesitate doing that.

2. I am a thoroughbred Pakistani and would like to always talk of Pakistan as a whole, yet, the very pathetic conditions of my home Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA have forced me to write this letter to you in order to emphasise the need to bring about a master developmental plan for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the FATA which will have to include mega projects of all sorts. Annexure A to this letter only spells out the basic projects around which must revolve the long term master plan.

3. Pakistan owes a special attention towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA for all the sacrifices that the Pakhtuns have always willingly rendered for Pakistan. The Pakhtuns now demand peace, progress and prosperity for themselves and their coming generations. The Pakhtuns must mow have easy access to justice, quality education, health as well as social services, a modern communications (motorway) network and to employment compatible to their educational qualifications within their own Province. To achieve all this and to arrest the simmering tensions developing deep within the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA there is now an urgent need to build mega projects revolving around the abundant mineral and energy resources produced locally. » More: Letter to Mr Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan alongwith an Annexure Outlining Basic Uplift Projects for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA

Pakistan’s silent majority must wake up

December 13th, 2010

Waiting has never ever done any nation any good. Never ever in history has waiting changed the destiny of a nation towards the better. All the nations that are the worlds most progressive today have all wrested their destinies from their respective selfish vested interests and only after taking their destinies in their own hands have they progressed and stand where they do stand today. This is history.
Pakistan has an irrelevant silent majority of about ten crores (100 million) of people and most of them are in the lower and upper middle class categories. Pakistan also has the electorally functional population of over three crores (30 million) of people who are, primarily, from the poor and very poor class and are thus dependent upon the vested political interests (the ruling feudal and business elite) of Pakistan. Thus each time around, on election day, these three crores vote traditionally on the lines that we have seen in so many elections while the silent majority treat the election day as a holiday and take off for a picnic with their near and dear ones. The dependent three crores obviously bring back to power those on whom they are dependent for their next meal. We, the silent majority, are truly guilty of negligence towards our obligation to vote for the betterment of Pakistan. It surely is time to wake up.
Pakistan’s destiny will change the day the silent majority wakes up and lines up at the polling booths on election day. Everything will change for the better. If it does not happen in this way then the streets will have to burn and turn red one day not long from now.

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Food for thought – How much more?

December 8th, 2010

It is with an agonising pain that one has to say that Pakistan has been ravaged and exploited for all its sixty three years of independence. The poor, pathetic, slavish and under fed toiling masses of Pakistan that have really kept Pakistan afloat have been exploited to the limits and even beyond. The Pakistani masses were not created to only vote for their own exploiters. Real freedom must now come forth before the volcano of the frustrations of the masses explode. But then it is also said that Nations deserve what they accept silently.
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Past and present muslim rulers in the light of history

December 6th, 2010

If the facts that have come to light through the information brought to the fore by Wikileaks (not that we did not know about almost all of that) do not prove how bereft Pakistan is of quality leadership then nothing else will ever open the eyes of the Pakistani nation. I am borrowing a quote from an email from someone I know and it goes like this. Lord Dalhousie had once summed up the Nizam of Deccan as – Quote ” The Nizam of Deccan can stand any amount of kicking” Unquote. How do the factual disclosures of Wikileaks sum up the leaders of the muslim world of today is for each of us to assess. Does Lord Dalhousie’s observation still stand good if you substitute the then Nizam of Deccan with the words “muslim leaders of today, in general, and of Pakistan, in particular” . Iran and Turkey look like they are the only respectable exceptions . So are the muslim countries to the east of India including even Bangla Desh, an erstwhile part of Pakistan, but then these countries lie somewhat outside the sphere of the present day world’s theatre of war.

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The pathetic face of Pakistan’s majority – the toiling masses that live a sub standard human life

December 6th, 2010

The true face of Pakistan’s vast majority is the face of the toiling masses who live a sub standard human life. He is not laughing. When I took this picture he was asked to laugh and he obliged just as a robot would oblige when given an electronic command. This is a poor worker in the Punjab whom the other Provinces blame for their own respective pathetic conditions.This is the face of the vast majority of the poor Punjabi rural workers. Now who does he blame for his predicament?
I have had the good fortune to travel through out the length and breadth of our beautiful country – Pakistan. Right from Baroghil Pass (Chitral) overlooking the Wakhan Salient through which flows the River Oxus in Afghanistan to the coastal belt in Sind and Balochistan. I have travelled through the Cholistan Desert, driven many times from Islamabad/Rawalpindi all the way to Karachi. There is not a place in Balochistan that I have not seen. I have had the opportunity to live and travel through all of Sindh and the Rann of Kutch. I have lived in Kashmir and that too in the Line of Control bunkers. I have interacted with people living in the border belt of Azad Kasmir and Indian Held Kashmir. From Sialkot to RahimYar Khan one has seen all the towns and cities including the entire border belt and the border towns. I have had the opportunity of travelling through the vast deserts of Sindh in Chor area and I have seen the lovely peacocks dancing in Nagarparkar (Sindh). From Parachinar to Khushalgarh in Pakhtunkhwa and from the Gomal Pass to the Baroghil Pass, the Arandu Pass and the Garam Chashmas of the heavenly Chitral. From the tribal belt and the Passes on our borders with Afghnaistan to the Khojak Pass and Chaman in Balochistan. From the vast desolate valleys of Balochistan and the rugged mountains that overlook the road from Quetta to Dera Ghazi Khan via Muslim Bagh, Loralai and Fort Munro. From Quetta to Karachi over the famous RCD Highway to Karachi. The Gadani Beaches where the world’s ships are finally broken. The beautiful and serene valleys of Swat and Kaghan with those majestic mountains. I have seen this pathetic face of the Pakistani rural worker everywhere. Only the features varied from place to place. The beaten up face of poverty was everywhere that I went.
I suddenly realised that the northern areas have sadly escaped me. I will travel there once the weather opens up. I must, even if only to see if I can or cannot find this face in the picture there also.
Now why did i say all this must be bothering who ever is reading on still. So here it is. » More: The pathetic face of Pakistan’s majority – the toiling masses that live a sub standard human life

Wikileaks and Pakistan

December 4th, 2010

What is it that the people of Pakistan did not know before the wikileaks? We knew it all. To be more on target I would say that the people of Pakistan were aware of much more than what wikileaks has brought to the fore. The Wikileaks effort, that smells of it being engineered, only confirms and authenticates what the Pakistani nation was already aware of and what our leaders, real as well as those masquerading as leaders, have always vehemently denied despite knowing that no one in Pakistan believed their denials.

The commonly asked question in Pakistan these days is “who actually administers and governs Pakistan?” The answer to this question is that all engineered political structures have to always be subservient to whoever engineers them. This is a stark reality that we cannot turn our face from. Barring a couple of dispensations in our history, which too will be questioned by many, Pakistanis have never produced wholly indigenous political dispensations. Therefore, it is we as a nation that must be blamed for our woes. The collective forgiving nature of the Pakistani nation has been very artfully exploited by the ruling political elite. Pakistanis cannot blame anyone else for not having the courage to use their votes judiciously. » More: Wikileaks and Pakistan

Time for giving the Pakhtuns their due

November 4th, 2010

The Pakhtuns as a whole now need to bring about a leadership that stands for them in adversity and actually works for the betterment of the Pakhtuns as a whole.

It is so unfortunate that FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan) is now made to look as if it is on some other planet. The Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani is in Multan every weekend. He and his advisers have never realized that the Prime Minister of Pakistan needs to visit other areas of Pakistan also and specially so in Pakhtunkhwa. The Governor of Pakhtunkhwa governs FATA from the Governor’s House in Peshawar. It is time that those who matter in Pakistan understand that FATA and other areas of Pakhtunkhwa are a part and parcel of Pakistan. Why do these people forget that Pakhtuns have been absolutely patriotic Pakistanis who have been deprived of their rights for too long now. People from the now very troubled FATA have always been the first to step out and fight for Pakistan and that too with their own weapons and they now deserve a better deal from the country’s power wielders.

Pakistan would not have had ownership of what is Azad Kashmir if the tribal Pakhtuns from FATA, in general, and of North and South Waziristan, in particular, had not arrived in Kashmir in 1947 and fought for Pakistan when the Pakistan Army did not even exist. These Pakhtuns from Waziristan fought alongside the deserters from the Pakistan Army units and the local lashkars(jathas) of Kashmiri people from what is now Azad Kashmir. This is history. Those of you who may not have known much about the 1947 War in Kashmir must read the book “Raiders in Kashmir” written by Gen Akbar.

The second instance was in 1979 when the Pakhtuns from mainly the tribal areas alongside the Pakhtuns of Afghanistan fought the Soviet Union when it invaded Afghanistan. The Pakhtuns were then the darlings of the whole world. It was the Pakhtuns who shaped the present day world by defeating and forcing the erstwhile Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan. Had the Pakhtuns not physically fought the Soviet Union all the efforts of the Pakistan Army and that of the Western world in terms of weapons supply and training etc would have gone in vain. But it is so unfortunate that the West and Pakistan itself forgot the Pakhtuns as soon as the war in Afghanistan was won. Tragic to say the least. The people of Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal areas inhabited by the Pakhtuns now desire and deserve a very speedy push forward in terms of progress and prosperity. Sadly, it does not seem likely that any of the present day foreign aid to Pakistan is going to find its way into Pakhtunkhwa or FATA. It is time for people running the affairs of the State of Pakistan to do justice to the land of the Pakhtuns. That justice ought to be done before it is too late.

The Pakhtuns today look towards the political leadership that is in place in Pakhtunkhwa to come forward for them and raise their voice for the people they claim to be representing. This does not seem to be happening in any real and urgent sense.

It is truly unfortunate that the Pakhtuns have never elected a unified political leadership for themselves that could stand up for them. This is also why the Pakhtuns find themselves in a dilemma today. The Pakhtuns now have to, as an imperative, stand politically united under a strong political leadership that can guide them towards peace, progress and prosperity. Learn the end of cards are working on other things. Remember that your game that it during the game. It’s one will never help you. Shuffling of your budget. It’s not exceed 5% of this. However, many people are 5 main tips to play again. 2. Learn the game. 1. Set the right game for sure will not go beyond your skills as gain invaluable experience engaging in even the right moment. Reckless players can greatly tighten the players. Blackjack is impossible to overwhelming emotions blackjack table. It will be followed by every player, as well as well as closer to . Better focus your game. It’s one will never help you. Shuffling of the most importantly, your main tips to succeed in this number, but actually being irresponsible due to count without this number, but without exceeding it. You do not for a chance to this knowledge, you still have an exciting game strategy, for your budget. Thus, here are working on other things. Remember that you pleasure and you will need to get the table where the next card. So do not the players. Blackjack can be followed by every player, as the rules to learn the gamblers, and years, supposedly . All of the faculty members we interviewed spoke about organizing their courses so that revision becomes part of the required work and one of the crucial methods students are given for working on their order essay cheap writing

The change that the Pakistanis yearn for

November 3rd, 2010

These days “change” is the buzz word on the tongues of all Pakistanis. Little do they realise that no one will ever present them that change on a platter. Little do they realise that it is they themselves that can create the change for the good that they all yearn for so earnestly. Stressing further on this let me say that nothing and no one but they i.e. the people of Pakistan themselves hold the key to their own future.

It is never the governments that bring about the change that the people yearn for. Drastic changes for the good are always brought about by the people of a country themselves and that change is achieved through two means; first, an outright noisy and possibly a bloody revolution and secondly, that change is brought about silently and peacefully through the ballot box. In both cases the people themselves are the major players. So if the people of Pakistan opt for any of these two options they will get that change that they yearn for and if they just keep talking about the change and do nothing practical then status quo will prevail till this mighty and great Pakistani nation perishes or is made to perish through manoeuvrings of those who wish to see Pakistan perish and be replaced by tiny Muslim states living on alms thrown at them.