The Youth Have to Step Out

The young generation of Pakistanis need to step out of their confines in order to help Pakistan move forward towards becoming a country that it was designed to be. Pakistan was designed by our forefathers to be a progressive country with tolerance built into the society, a country that ought to have peace within itself and on its borders, a country that provides equal opportunities to all its citizens without any discrimination whatsoever, health facilities for all, the best of education in every nook and corner of the country and a uniform development layout throughout the length and breadth of the country. We are, unfortunately, far from achieving any of this to any degree that could be reasonably categorised as satisfactory. All these goals are attainable yet we have fallen short by miles.

In order to now catch up with time Pakistan requires good governance that is executed free of personal control of individuals. There are many agitated minds in Pakistan today who think hard, are very motivated and full of conviction to see the country move on from the troubled waters that it is in towards becoming a country that is positioned amongst the developed and respectable countries of the world. They need to now enter the political domain and play their role effectively without let or fear of any kind.

There is little doubt that the salvation of Pakistan now lies in restructuring the political structure of the State so that the political restructuring brought about then allows for politics to flourish in a manner that the new generation takes over from the older generation in a shorter than usual span of time as the older generations have not been able to deliver to the country the leadership and conditions that could make it a truly progressive nation. The younger generation will now have to stop thinking of politics (public service) as dirty business if they hope to make the difference and change that Pakistan so desperately requires.

The feudalistic politics now thriving in the country can only be overcome by the new generation of Pakistan if they enter the political arena under a new leadership from that generation itself. Any effort made by the the new generation to make a qualitative difference will most certainly receive unqualified support from the now emergent civil society and an ever growing segment of the rural population too that have had enough of feudalism now that their upcoming generations are also reasonably educated. They now do not succumb to the presuures of feudalism as their ancestors did.

Pakistan today is ripe for a revolution and it is time that the new and dynamic younger generation takes the bull by the horn and tames the brewing bloody revolution into a massive vessel for positive change in the country. This will avert the inevitable blood shed that stares us strainght in our eyes besides putting the country back on an even keel. The country today beckons the young dynamic people of Pakistan to step forward and take charge of the destiny of Pakistan and, rest assured, they will be amply supported by all Pakistanis except the current vested interests that have (mis)ruled the country over the past 62 years.

Enough has happened to Pakistan that has brought us all collective shame and sufferings and it is about time that all of it ended and Pakistan gets steered back to the path of normalcy. None but the dynamic young generation can acheive this for Pakistan. The challenge lies right before our eyes. The young generation has to step out and pick up the challenge in right earnest. One can see it happening. It is bound to happen. The earlier it happens the faster will be the recovery that we all yearn for.

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  1. well i as a part of new generation want to become a leader of Pakistan bcz v need change bcz pakistan need some1 who thinks positively and some1 who really work 4 pakistan not for his pocket
    tridational politics is making pakistan week ||||||||||||||||||||

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