The 63rd Independence Day of Pakistan

2010 Flood Aerial View - Pakistan
Pakistan started from a scratch 63 years ago. Thorns were used in offices of the government instead of paper pins. Today, on our 63rd independence day, I would say that Pakistan indeed has come a long, in fact, a very long way and if we had not had the handicaps of bad governance, corruption, nepotism, cronyism and a few other social ills Pakistan may well have been part of the G20 i.e. the Group of 20 most advanced countries in the world.

I say this on the basis that South Korea, which is a country that is so much less blessed than Pakistan, embarked on its road to progress after adopting Pakistan’s First Five Year Plan and then implementing it and, thereafter, following it up with improved plans periodically. If South Korea is today the 14th largest economy in the world Pakistan could surely have done better but only if we had found our feet in the field of political leadership.

If Pakistan has not done well enough the responsibility for this failure must be attributed to none but the ruling political elite of Pakistan which is essentially feudal and is completely inefficient when it comes to governance. The feudal is traditionally corrupt and has always considered politics as a platform to improve upon his/her wealth and property. Pakistan and the poor people that the feudal lords rule have never been their priority. Oppression is the only rule that they are well conversant with as in that lies their political survival.

The Pakistani nation is a great one but has, unfortunately, thus far been in the hands of foreign imposed or foreign supported governments/regimes. Pakistan is, therefore, still waiting for that leadership which can emerge from within itself i.e. from the talented middle class that will know what is the right path for this great country.

I have a feeling that the recent and most destructive floods are now not a matter of just the water wreaking havoc of an unimaginable magnitude and then receding with no after effects at all. My gut feeling is that these floods are going to sweep away a lot of ills from this country so much so that I see it cleaning up the political landscape also. The signs are all there and it is only the blind or the intentional evader that can not read the writing on the wall.

Inspirational leadership was what Pakistan needed at this critical time. Instead, what we see on ground is far from it. It would not be wrong to say that Pakistan today is bereft of leadership of any sort and is like a ship floating on the high seas with its engines cut off and the rudder damaged.

A man like Shaheed (martyred) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto would have made even the people half submerged in water feel as if they were in heavens – such is the spirit of this great Pakistani Nation and such is their response to inspirational leadership. However, the hatred that the people of Pakistan now nurture for the feudal political leadership is more than obvious from the wide coverage that the dynamic media of Pakistan has provided from almost every nook and corner of the flood affected areas. If they, the feudal lords, still do not see the red colour in the eyes of the people of Pakistan on their TV screens they must be blind.

Salvaging of the Pakistani Nation now lies in the rise of the middle class to political heights from where they can bring the positive and much talked of change that they yearn for. I have no doubt that Pakistan is ripe for a revolution that will wipe from our fabric all the ills that have afflicted the Pakistani Nation over its 63 years of existence. The broom of that revolution is now the only thing that can sweep all the obstacles in the forward move of Pakistan and in the way of correcting Pakistan’s trajectory in order to make it move rapidly towards peace, progress, stability and a uniform standard of development throughout the country. Parents and students are being warned by school heads about the dangers of ask

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4 Replies to “The 63rd Independence Day of Pakistan”

  1. This is well. But when you appeared in election 2002 i love PPP.Now if i become a President or P M.Then i will take a somoto action against PPP, ANP, & PML Q. I want to do a clean sweep operation(like swat operation) against these parties.
    I love you but I commenting you that don’t support these parties.
    We will love you forever our votes are your.

  2. South Korea following our 5 year plan is one example; Emirate Airlines were established/trained by PIA. Emirates and PIA went different directions; up and down respectively.
    I agree with Mr. Ibrar; put them all in a C-130 and fly over the ocean, with parachutes only for the crew!!!
    Masood Sharif, we follow you whereever you go.

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